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The following companies realize the importance of conservation. That's why they make investments in various programs for RMEF that enable our organization to reach more people, more frequently, with impactful messaging that inspires individuals to give their support, time and monies.

How our partners help

Each time you see a partner logo, whether it be in Bugle magazine, on an RMEF Film, or at the World Elk Calling Championships, that is a commitment that brand has made to align and associate itself with RMEF's mission of ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

By supporting the businesses that support RMEF, you're purchasing quality services and products that in turn continue to generate significant funding for conservation. Below, you will find a number of key RMEF programs and the sponsors who have chosen to support them.

RMEF Films

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation showcases its mission, volunteer activities, conservation outreach and elk hunting with high-end cinematic productions by RMEF Films. In addition to short documentaries and features, other topical productions include RMEF’s popular Hunting Is Conservation series as well as Restoring Elk Country, onX Public Access project videos and others.

Hunting is Conservation

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation unequivocally states there is an undisputable link between hunting and conservation. Excise taxes on guns, ammunition and archery equipment raise billions of dollars and combine with the purchase of hunting licenses and fees to make up 60 percent of the budgets for state fish and wildlife agencies, which are tasked with carrying out wildlife management and land conservation practices. Additionally, hunters donate to organizations like RMEF to further conservation. Biologists and game managers rely on hunting as the key tool to successfully manage wildlife populations for their overall health and benefit.

hunting is conservation sponsors

Mtn Festival

RMEF MTN Festival is an annual gathering to celebrate elk, hunting, conservation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The event features activities for RMEF members to come together, raise funds, socialize and recognize mission accomplishments. Mtn Festival is a multi-day event that features hands-on, interactive displays by respected outdoor industry partners and leaders, live seminars and music, podcasts, the Total Archery Challenge and other activities.

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Access Elk Country

Creating and improving public access is core to the mission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. RMEF was founded by public-land elk hunters in 1984, and has remained committed to enhancing access ever since. RMEF contributes to various state programs to improve access to high-quality public land and works with private landowners to do the same. Key access tools include land acquisitions and exchanges, strategic acquisition of small parcels that unlock large blocks of public land and re-routing roads or securing access easements that provide legal passage to swaths of public land beyond.

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Restoring Elk Country

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation highlights its habitat stewardship work via RMEF Films productions. Types of projects featured that enhance habitat for elk and other wildlife include prescribed burns, forest thinning, noxious weed treatments, fence pulls, wildlife water source repairs and construction, backcountry fertilization and other efforts.

Elk Country Legacy

The Elk Country Legacy program is key to everything RMEF does as a conservation organization. In other words, it is a reflection of all aspects of RMEF’s mission including land conservation and access, habitat stewardship, wildlife management, advocacy and hunting heritage. To advance the mission, RMEF relies on support from its volunteers, members and supporters.

elk country legacy

Hunter & Outdoor Christmas Expo

The RMEF Hunter & Outdoor Christmas Expo, presented by Cinch, takes place each December during the 10 days of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. In partnership with the popular Cowboy Channel Cowboy Christmas, the joint exposition hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors and shares the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Halls. Hundreds of exhibitors feature the latest in hunting gear and apparel, firearms, optics, trips, art, western decor and much more. The expo hosts a daily RMEF Calcutta, exclusive daily Cowboy Revival live entertainment and other events.

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RMEF Anti-Poaching Initiative

RMEF is committed to increasing the visibility of poaching incidents in an effort to reducing poaching nationwide. Poaching robs sportsmen and women as well as everyday citizens of opportunities to view and pursue wildlife. It also demeans our renewable, wild natural resources. Hunting is tightly regulated and controlled, and hunters are the first line of defense in cracking down on poaching and any other illegal activity in the field.


World Elk Calling Championships

Dating back to its earliest years, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation remains host of the World Elk Calling Championships, presented by Sportsman’s Warehouse – a unique event featuring the world’s most elite elk callers in six different divisions. Ranging from early elementary school-aged girls and boys on up to experienced elk hunters including men and women in the professional division, callers demonstrate their skills in a competitive, head-to-head fashion. Winners and top finishers combine to take home more than $45,000 in cash, hunting gear and other prizes.

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onX Public Access Projects

RMEF creates productions that highlight landscape projects that open or improve public access for hunting, fishing and other recreational activities. Featuring technology supplied by onX Hunt, the videos allow viewers to better visually understand projects and experience landscapes via high-tech digital mapping.

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Ready Your Elk Rig

Since 2002, Les Schwab helped RMEF generate greater than $2.9 million for elk country. Each year, Les Schwab donates more than 115 sets of tires to RMEF banquets across nine states for the Ready Your Elk Rig Drawing. "With almost 71 years of history in the West, we understand the importance of conserving both our natural spaces and our heritage. We acknowledge the work RMEF does to encourage environmental stewardship and conservation in our community and support their ongoing conservation efforts," says Greg L'Hommedieu, vice president of Les Schwab Store Sales & Operations.

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