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Through the pages of Bugle, we hope to inspire every RMEF member to help us do more to conserve and enhance elk country. We explore issues affecting wildlife conservation, elk ecology, hunting, and share some of the best-told hunting stories and wildlife photography published today.

Guidelines for Submissions

Submit your photo and have a chance to be featured in Bugle magazine in print or online! We are always looking for photos for our “Where do you Bugle?” section, featuring our members posing with Bugle in far flung locales. We also look for submissions to our “Out Among ‘em” section, which features images of interesting observations while hunting, including but not limited to, shots of the hunter with an animal.

Please submit the highest resolution image you have (cellphone photos are usually fine). Include a 100-word summary of the who, what, when and where of the photo, including any interesting details that make it stand out.