Elk NetworkElk Foundation Grants to Benefit 2 Nevada Counties

News Releases | September 4, 2009

September 4, 2009

Elk Foundation Grants to Benefit 2 Nevada Counties

MISSOULA, Mont.—Two counties in Nevada are slated for wildlife habitat conservation projects using $77,500 in new grants from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.
The 2009 RMEF grants will affect Lincoln and White Pine counties.
“Our volunteers across Nevada helped drive the 2008 fundraisers that made these grants possible. This is where Elk Foundation banquets, auctions and other events transform into on-the-ground conservation work, and it’s part of the payday for supporters who are passionate about giving something back to the outdoors,” said David Allen, Elk Foundation president and CEO.
Elk Foundation grants will help fund the following Nevada projects, listed by county:
Lincoln County—Thin encroaching pinion and juniper from 1,000 acres of grasslands to improve forage for elk in Burnt Canyon area of BLM lands; research habitat use and migration corridors by installing GPS and satellite radio collars on 5 elk in Clover/Delamar Mountains area.
White Pine County—Mow and seed 200 acres to rejuvenate sagebrush, bitterbrush and grass to improve habitat for elk, mule deer, sage grouse and other wildlife in the White River/Ellison Creek area of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest; thin encroaching pinion and juniper from 1,000 acres to rejuvenate forage grasses and forbs in the White Pine Mountains area of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest; sponsor Great Basin 2009 Educators Workshop to provide teachers with experiences and tools to teach outdoor and ecosystem concepts.
A committee of Elk Foundation volunteers and staff select projects for grants. Additional projects are being reviewed and supplemental grants could be announced later this year.
To date, partners for 2009 projects in Nevada include Bureau of Land Management, Nevada Department of Wildlife, Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition, Great Basin National Park, U.S. Forest Service, other agencies, corporations, landowners and organizations.
Since 1984, the Elk Foundation and its partners have completed more than 170 conservation projects in Nevada with a value of more than $14.3 million.